Access-Camps- Clients

This program will be a supported program for clients with additional needs. The program will consist of two sleepovers at a holiday camp. Similar to the adventure camps the activities will also include sing alongs and a disco night. Campers will be encouraged to gain new experiences and also provide the opportunity for people make new friends and widen their community of support. These camps will encourage social connectedness and allow individuals to build and extend their networks of friendships in their communities. Access-able will also work with services currently out in the community and create programs suited for clients with additional needs.

Access-Camps- Carers

This program will provide caregivers with some much needed time out. The program will focus on providing a calm and restful day experience and allow for building of new friendships and networks out in their communities. The program will also include activities that encourage and enhance the current skills of caregivers to be a able to return home and become stronger members of their communities.

The programs will all include an evaluation/survey process in order to guide the programs to be become more effective and suitable for the communities which are involved in the programs.  As we are more closer towards the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) there will be expected growth in person care and individual funding.  As a result individuals/families/carers will have more options and input on their individual care plans,

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